Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What came on the UPS truck today

Ah, the UPS truck is always a fun sight - especially when you know it's bringing something good to your house.

Today we got new Nalgene water bottles for me, hubby and the Monkey! Hubby and I are Nalgene addicts - we collect the things - we've had ones with our college logo, ones that had bumper stickers all over them, ones from mountain towns, etc. Hubby tends to leave his at work so he always needs more than one. (And we always need water, especially at the higher altitudes - so it's the easiest way to always have it on hand).

It's totally dorky, but our old Nalgenes contained BPA...I've known about the chemical for years, as I studied it heavily in college (took a lot of environmental biology/ecology courses), but I just really wasn't that concerned. I still use BPA-containing bottles to feed the occasional bottle to Small Fry (he's had about 3 bottles since he was 6 weeks old). I just take a few precautions (like not heating the bottles - we actually use them cold, not washing in the dishwasher, etc.)

Nalgene just came out with a BPA-free bottle (the Everyday Tritan) that is the same wide-mouth and clear, cool colors, as the poly-carbonate bottles (the BPA containing ones). They actually do feel (and sound) a little different, but they are SO cool. AND coolest of all, they have these "Grip n' Gulp" sippy bottles for toddlers (in the same BPA-free plastic) - they are really cool. The Monkey LOVES his "water bobble", and I actually am going to get a few more - I think they'll become our every day sippy now.

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