Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pee-Kool Update

Well, it was an eventful week. Monday was easy. Wednesday was a little sadder. The Monkey decided "no pee-kool" in the car on Wednesday morning. I told him he'd have tons of fun and he'd enjoy it. He did okay walking into school until we got to his classroom, and then he refused to cross the threshold. His teacher who is SOOO nice, talked to him and together we got him in the classroom and mellowed out.

The teacher pulled out some paint and instantly, the Monkey got excited and forgot all about being sad. That was easy.

Friday, not so easy. As we pulled into the parking lot of the school, he started to say, "no, no pee-kool, bubbie (hubby's mom), daddy". He has been going to Bubbie's house a few mornings a week for the past few months, and has the BEST time, and he definitely misses her. I offered a toy he could bring into school with him, and that worked until we got to the classroom door again. He just broke down in tears, "mommy, hold you me" (he thinks you say "hold you" when he's asking to be held, we corrected him that you say "hold me", and so he's combined the two).

Oh, was my mommy heart broken. I just wanted to hold the Monkey and make it all better. After some bawling, his teacher came in, took over holding him, said "bye-bye mommy, we love you", and shooed me away. I got in the car and cried. I knew he would have fun and enjoy himself, but the mommy instinct to comfort your crying child is SO strong and I just wanted to make it better.

I enjoyed my Friday without work, and headed to Starbucks for a chai and scone, then to run some errands (and buy new clothes - for the first time in three years!!). I returned to school at 12:30 and the Monkey had a great time. The teacher said he just needed a little love and reassurance and he was fine. She also told me he was great with the other kids. It was a fantastic update.

Monday is a Jewish holiday, so school is closed (we're taking the Monkey horseback riding instead), so I'm hoping Wednesday will be less traumatic than Friday. It's been quite an eventful and "growth-ful" week - for kids and parents. :)

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