Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

I had in mind to get hubby something cool for Father's Day, but the man is incredibly humble and hardly ever gets ANYTHING for himself (he is consequently super difficult to shop for). So, I was going to get him a lawn trimmer/edger, but who really wants that as a gift? Plus, it's not like he's super excited when I spend money.

So, instead of buying something because it was a way to recognize the holiday, I decided to have the Monkey participate in making him something...actually hubby's favorite something...yellow cake cupcakes with chocolate frosting. (This was the BEST gift because everything we did today was 100% handmade and 100% from stuff I had on hand, i.e. no money was spent!)

The idea of the Monkey helping me bake was simple enough (he helps me prepare dinner every night and LOVES to help me use the stand mixer and bake bread, etc.), but I thought it would be even more fun to document his journey into a little scrapbook for hubby...something that would last beyond the yuminiess of the cupcakes, and make more special.

Since we decided to do cupcakes this morning (while hubby was at work), I had the Monkey baking up a storm, while I was photographing, and then processed the photos (I have a really great digital photo printer from a fantastic mother-in-law who always knows just what I need!), and then scrapbooked the photos. (And of course, fed Small Fry and attempted to get the Monkey down for a nap).

I didn't take photos of the scrapbook itself just yet (just a little 8x8 book I had in my stash), but below are the photos and captions I put in the book.
The Monkey wanted to bake cupcakes for daddy as a "Happy Birthday Father's Day" surprise...This is his journey.

Mommy let him put the cupcake liners in the pan.

She poured in the mix and melted butter and the monkey got to add three eggs (but NO shells!)

"Me do it!"

Mommy said, "Smile!"

He really wanted to taste the batter at this point, and was starting to lose interest in actually baking the cupcakes!

The cupcakes were ready for the oven...

...the timer was set.

Waiting is hard when you are 2 years old.

While waiting for the cupcakes to bake, he got to eat the batter.

He told mommy on numerous occasions that the batter was, "YUM".

Maybe this is why he didn't take a nap on Father's Day!

This is his "YUM" face.

The timer beeped, the cupcakes were done!

But wait! The aren't quite ready yet!

Small Fry, meanwhile, napped during the cupcake making process.

But he did wake up in time to help frost the cupcakes!

Frosting and sprinkles required a lot of mommy help, so we just got a photo of the finished product.

Giving the cupcake a stare down.

Say "Cheese!"

Finally, he got to taste his wonderful creation. He thought they were fantastic.

Happy Father's Day!