Thursday, April 19, 2007

Well, I guess I got ahead of myself...

I was so excited to start my Etsy shop, and I have literally been buried in my sewing room from the time I get home until the wee hours of the morning...and I'm so proud of my stuff...but no luck :(

Okay, okay, I've only been live for 8 days, but still, I was so sure it would be a great place to showcase what I think is really great stuff. I get discouraged when I am doing searches and stuff on the site and see so many other vendors that have adorable baby stuff. And, they have lots of sales.

I guess I was just expecting it to happen fast. I feel like I've learned a lot, even in only 8 days. I've learned to write better descriptions, better titles, taking better pictures, etc., so I guess I shouldn't get so down. I'm just seriously neglecting other important tasks to go make baby stuff. I'm having so much fun making all the stuff I guess that's another good thing.

I have said though, and putting it in writing will help, that I will finish painting the hallway on Saturday. It's 90% painted, but we've been living with a taped-off area for waay too long. And I want to hang up pictures again and get the paint cans out of the hallway.

I guess the next task is to tackle the organization of the loft. The 5 boxes of papers have got to be organized. I've been putting that off for way too long (waaay before Etsy came into play!)

And now it's 1am, and I need to go watch Lost before bed (I turn off all the lights and fast forward through the commercials, it's such a treat!) I guess I have a lot to say tonight (even though I'm not even sure if anyone is reading, lol!), I just keep thinking of more topics, like avoiding paying my bills, little man not walking yet (but sooo close), and other things.

Guess I'll save those topics for another night! :)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Time to start selling!

Well, I've been making baby things for as long as I can remember (I think it started when my first nephew was born). Since I've been quilting and sewing for almost 20 years, I'm just naturally hooked on any type of sewing project.

So, with the little man in my life, it's just natural for me to want to make baby stuff. When he was born, I made burp cloths, bibs, blankets, and all other kinds of toys. He's growing out of a lot of it now, so I just decided to keep making all the fun stuff and sell it.

That's where the Etsy shop comes in. is an online site that hosts merchants who are selling anything and everything handmade. Eventually, I'll get everything up on my own site, but I figure in the meantime, this is a great place to showcase the things I'm making.

I'll keep adding more, especially now that I have a great place to get my creations seen. Check it out - buy stuff, let me know what you think!