Sunday, June 1, 2008

I think I'm the nervous one.

Pre-school starts tomorrow (if you ask the Monkey, he'll tell you it's "pee-kool"), and I'm SO nervous and excited like it's my first day of school. It's really "Adventure Camp" that they hold at the synagogue for kids from 2-6 years old. The Monkey has been assigned his own room and he gets to go three days a week. This is the same schedule he'll have in the fall at the same school, and it'll be nice to give me a break, I'll go to work 2 days a week and spend one day just doing "stuff", like hanging with Small Fry, running errands, shopping, shipping MamaMade orders, etc.

I can't wait for it to all start...we got him a new Thomas the Train backpack, and new shoes (OMG, are Keens the best shoes or what?!? I want a pair for myself!!) I'm headed to the kitchen in a few minutes to pack up his lunch, his extra outfit, sunscreen and all the other necessities. Of course I also have to get myself and Small Fry ready to go to work, so I don't think the studio will see me tonight (bummer).

Oh well, I'll report back tomorrow and try to take some photos...hubby is going with us, so it's going to be a family event for sure!

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