Sunday, September 13, 2009

Too much HGTV

I must have watched too much HGTV tonight. I watched (well, listened) to a few hours of design shows while working in my studio tonight. And now at almost 2:30 in the morning, I'm planning a complete move of the studio.

We have a vacant bedroom upstairs, adjacent to a large loft that is technically the office, but really a JUNK haven (I hate it). I decided tonight to figure out if I could move my studio to the extra bedroom, and organize the loft to an actual office and shipping center.

All of that movement would require that we clean and completely organize our basement (1100 square feet of disorganization), which is beyond overwhelming. But that needs to be done, so maybe all this is a good thing.

The funny part is that I have absolutely NO idea when I'd have the TIME for any of this. Or money to add the stuff in the studio that I want, like additional shelving, paint, etc.

Maybe I need to submit this to an HGTV show and they'll come and make it over for me. Yah, it's late, I need to go to bed.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm SO bad about blogging, but I've been thinking often about it, and how I really want to keep it up, so I've made a goal to blog at LEAST once a week until the end of the year. I need to remember all the things in my life that aren't related to my work. Should keep it interesting.

Hubby and I both graduated from University of Colorado, and absolutely LOVED living in Boulder. When you're not a college student though, the housing prices are outrageous. We'd love to live there again, but need to make A LOT more money in order to do that!

So, we decided on a beautiful late summer day, it was an ideal time to venture up there with the kiddos in tow.

We just spent a few hours there, and played on Pearl Street (in the fountains). Small Fry was reluctant at first, but hubby showed him how fun it was, and he soon warmed up to the idea and played with the Monkey for quite a while.

Of course for us, no trip to Boulder is complete without a trip to Hapa Sushi (even though they have two other locations MUCH closer to us, but this one holds so, so many memories). We ate our standard fare, and the boys got peanut butter & jelly sushi (with a strawberry topped whip-cream pile in the center). Small Fry was loving learning to use his chopsticks. He then finished off a few California rolls and Philly rolls. The kid really DOES eat anything.

(I tried to take better photos but of course didn't have my good flash, so the photos aren't so great).

After lunch we met up with our neighbors, who one of their dogs and her two puppies with them. We all walked around and stopped off at my favorite candy store (I got a Flake, one of the only places I can get them in the US), and the boys each got a "Bubble Gum" flavored candy stick. I must have been in one good mood to let them have that!

Small Fry loved his, and even managed to enjoy it with the puppy sitting on his lap.

About 15 minutes into our 1 hour+ drive home, both boys were completely fast asleep. Pretty sure that means they had a good time too.