Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sleepy, but not sleeping.

I'm tired, I'm exhausted in fact. But I think if I go to sleep I'm wasting time, I'm going to miss something...sounds crazy, but well, I sort of am. And there is just too much going on in my head to fall asleep anyway (leaves me with great dreams though).

I don't like doing the work that it takes to shut my brain down. I'm laying in bed, knowing I will have to get up around 6 am, and that the second I turn off the light, little munchkin is going to start crying (it's a sixth sense he has). But I don't want to go to bed yet...despite being tired, I'm just to busy in my own head...

Planning the day tomorrow...ugh. I can only imagine the potential damage done to my car after all the towing, spinning wheels, and getting stuck that's been going on today....I'm not ready to speed out of my driveway at 30 mph just to get over a hump of snow. Let's hope the plows magically return tonight. I could just let hubby drive to work, but then I'd be without my car, and that limits the things I can do to prepare for xmas on the second to last shopping day of the season.

I won't be going to a mall (I'm not that crazy), but I am feeling an itch to shop (it's a problem). I don't think munchkin has enough gifts, but that's my issue, not his...he doesn't even understand Christmas or Hanukkah yet.

Okay, I'm getting sleepier. I'm ready to turn off the computer (or send it to hibernation...I haven't turned off the computer since it forced me to restart after an update). Then I'll curl up under the covers and turn on an episode of "Friends" that I've seen at least 25 times already, but that will play in the background while my mind relaxes. Geez...I guess that's been my routine for a long time.

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