Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Anyone have some motivation to donate?

I guess this is the week where all motivation is lost...

I've been gone from work since last Wednesday when the blizzard hit, and getting it together to get into work this morning was like running in quick-dry cement. Seriously - it's like the motivation has been sucked out of me.

So, of course, I'm blogging. I'm working on setting up a blog for my bosses - and since I'm new to this stuff myself, I'm learning on the fly. Although I'm also realizing there is a lot out there to learn - I wish I knew more web design stuff than I do. Sometimes it amazes me that I actually run a website for my job...it makes me giggle when I realize I have a degree in Biology

I'm putting the request out there - if you have extra motivation you don't know what to do with - I'm taking it...just send it my way, I could certanily use it this week!

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