Friday, December 22, 2006

Finally home...

It was a craaaaaaazy day today...and I've had the emotional roller-coaster to prove it.

We got the car out of mom and dad's neighborhood pretty easily...speeding up to bust through a few snow drifts and such. The main streets and highways were a breeze, but the whole drive I was just nervous to find out what was awaiting us at home. The roads were great until the entrance to the neighborhood.

We got through the shorty street and tried to speed up to head right into our driveway, and what do you know? We high-centered of course! So, stuck smack in the middle of the main thouroughfare, we finally had a nice couple and two UPS delivery men help us into the driveway. We unloaded and settled back into home...the kitties were super glad to see us.

A few hours later, I wanted to go to the grocery store, so we hatched a plan for backing out of the driveway...and got stuck again. Our neighbor helped us shovel when a car with a tow strap drove by. They hooked us up and pulled us to the neighborhood entrance. So, stuck twice, ugh, I was a little annoyed by this snow.

The grocery store was missing a few things....salad, bananas (an Adin staple), zuchinni (an "us" staple), and of course beef - so we settled on peas and onions and the last package of ground turkey for turkey burger dinner. Not too bad...and we got everything else we needed. We thought we'd get gas on our way out, but noooo, the gas station was out of gas. The whole day just felt like when we were in Florida after the hurricane...very disaster-ish.

We busted through the snow at the entrance to make it in our driveway - ON OUR OWN! I then made L turn around the car in the driveway (I told him to "Austin Powers" it), so we could speed through the snow in the morning...we'll see how that goes.

So, it was a crazy day, but the munchkin is sleeping, the hubby is chillin', and I'm off to Santa's workshop to finish up some Christmas gifts and cookies.

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