Thursday, December 28, 2006

On a positive note...

Since I'm super worried and stressed out over hubby getting home and I can't do ONE SINGLE thing to help it out, I've decided to inventory my sewing/scrapbooking room and find projects that I can finish.

Just as well, this is my vacation and lo and behold, I'm forced to stay home. As long as hubby is forced to stay home Saturday, he'll have a four day weekend too (he has Friday and Sunday off). He can take care of Adin and I'll get to PLAY!

So, I found a few projects, I'll have to photo them later...but I am making a list...I'm better at sticking to things when I have a list.

- Kitty City quilt: I'm so close on this one, just need to quilt 2 more blocks and a border. It's been 6 years (geesh, almost 7), so it's about time this gets done. (Check out the patterns at

- Beautiful Colorado quilt: I've been working on this for a while now too...maybe about 4 or 5 years, but it's going to be so nice when it's done. It's a lot of little intricate work, so I can only do each piece for so long before moving on to something else. Maybe I'll spend some time on this one too. (the company that made these patterns was horrible, and they went out of business soon after starting - and before they finished paying all their employees, grr)

- Aspen scrapbook: I made the first page about a month or two ago, but since then I haven't done a thing (darn Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas!). We spent Labor Day in Aspen with my ENTIRE family for my parent's 40th anniversary, so this is going to be a special scrapbook

- Florida scrapbook: This is partially started, I should just finish it so I can focus on other things.

Whew! That's quite a list. And the scary thing is, there are tons more projects I'd like to do (like tackle the 300+ pictures that I want to scrapbook).

Well, I'll provide continuous live coverage of the progress of these projects (haha, I think I've been watching the news too much!)

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