Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project 366 - Days 11-21

Yup, true to form, I dropped the ball. I wish I was better at this blogging stuff. I have daydreams of becoming some amazingly profound blogger full of good advice and this beautiful life. Alas, I spend my days with gooey kiddos, dealing with the woes of red taped insurance companies (that could be a whole blog on its own), and always seem to get behind. But I have been taking photos.

Day 11 - I made the jump back to sewing fitted cloth diapers. I get bored easily, and love to change up my projects. I've been working with a hybrid fitted for a while and one night decided it'd be fun to whip up 20 or so. Haha!

Day 12 - Small Fry only is in preschool 3 days/week while the Monkey is in kindergarten every day. So on Tuesday and Thursday, it's just the two young boys at home. Small Fry got this Cookie Monster Play Doh set for Christmas, and like with most of their haul, I put it away for later. But he's been asking for it nearly every day. So today he got to play with it. He LOVED making veggies and letters and feeding them to Cookie. Funny enough, Small Fry, my eater, is pretty much a vegetarian. So he really enjoyed making all the veggies to feed to cookie.

Day 13 - I'm on a few Facebook boards of online "friends" and one of my boards has recently taken a liking to these little creatures. They're Mutant Caterpillars and apparently very hard to come by. One really late night, I'd passed out, woken up at like 4 am to read Facebook, Twitter and my email (the life of a tech junkie), and saw that the shop owner had stocked some of these in the middle of the night. Without thinking, I bought one. His name is Espressolott and he likes coffee. And he's adorable. The boys love him, but he's living in my studio, as both of us are fueled by coffee.

Day 14 - I have a DK Visual Dictionary that my fact-loving Monkey (a boy after his mom's heart) loves to read. Each page has detailed pictures and descriptions of many things, including everything about the body. Both of the older boys enjoyed the two-page spread on how the baby grows, and I loved hearing the Monkey describe each stage. "First, the baby starts out looking like a tiny dinosaur..." I'm very matter-of-fact with the boys, and I'm a scientist (well, that's what I studied to be), so I love sharing this stuff with them. In this picture, they're looking at a cross-section of the brain, talking about the pituitary gland and how that's the part that doesn't work in Split Pea. They know so much.

Day 15 - Split Pea was ready for a story and some nursing in his rocker with "Goodnight Moon". I can't believe he's 16 1/2 months old.

Day 16 - More trouble from Split Pea who decided he didn't want to go to bed after his usual routine, but rather wander around, and jump up and down in his sock monkey chair.

Day 17 - Hubby calls me "Laura-ganized". My brain is a mess, my house is full of stuff and probably looks messy to others. But I know where every little everything is. And on certain things, it must be meticulously organized. Like with my snaps. All organized by numerically and alphabetically by the color card.

Day 18 - We got this air hockey table from my sister who didn't have room for it anymore. We sold our dining room table on Craigslist and put the air hockey table in its place. The boys don't play on it everyday, but recently, they have. And Split Pea LOVES to join in. We just have to keep reminding him about putting his fingers over the goal. YEOWCH!

Day 19 - I was in my studio and apparently Split Pea wanted something in the toy box that he couldn't otherwise reach. So in he went.

Day 20 - Or apparently the theme of standing in things is becoming a habit. (Watching Sprout while I was working).

Day 21 - I was taking product photos and Small Fry woke from a nap. Once he had a snack, he was ready to strike a pose. This kid is going to be FOUR in just over a week. We're best buddies and even though we struggled a lot when he was tiny, we're quickly becoming very close. He's amazingly intelligent, and willing to try anything. Really, anything. Which can be scary. Or super cool. That's how we discovered he likes oysters. :)

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