Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project 366 - Day 8

As always, I'm behind.  I'm taking pictures, but sometimes I just don't get to blog about them.  I am loving this project though. 

My sister and her son came down to watch the Broncos playoff game, but first I had to quell the kids' incessant requests for snacks.  They are eating MACHINES these days.  So, I made a plate of veggies and some mini bagels with a tiny bit of cream cheese. 

In 10 short minutes, the plate looked like this:
And in another 30, it was completely gone.  Split Pea is now saying "bagel", "bumber" (cucumber), and "pepo" (pepper).  Or when he's really hungry, he likes to scream those new words at me. 

Never a dull moment in the house of ravenous boys. 

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