Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project 366 - Day 9

Mondays are always a bit challenging.  I liked Garfield's stance on Monday.  This Monday had a few extra layers of difficult, as I spent a good deal of the day driving (to and from schools) and Split Pea decided to nap a lot less than usual.  Added to that, hubby was on his last day of work for the week, had pulled a double shift on Sunday and was working Monday night.  So it was all mom, all day. 

And my least favorite issue, dealing with our insurance and Split Pea's growth hormone.  GH is a very expensive, tightly regulated medication.  It comes from specialty pharmacies, and has to go through many approval processes before you can actually get it.  We spent nearly 5 months in the beginning of Split Pea's life getting it sorted out.  And for the most part, the past year was pretty easy.  But as of 1/1/2012, our insurance changed pharmacy administrators.  The new administrator, however, decided they didn't have an account for us (even though I'd had Split Pea's endocrinologist fax the prescription AND the former pharmacy forward ALL their information).  So I had to spend hours (literally) on the phone with dozens of people telling them we needed the GH, like NOW. 

Contrary to common belief, GH is for more than just growing.  And for Split Pea, he takes it mostly to keep his blood sugar in the normal range (the oral steroids help that too).  And of course, for growing, bone strength, muscle tone, mood, mental sharpness, etc.  So, him not having it is not a good thing.  He has not missed a dose since he started it over 15 months ago. 

And as of Monday night, I was just hanging in the air as to whether or not we'd get our next vials of GH in time.  I hate that stress and it makes me a bad mom because I get really short with the kids. 

Long story at its end, the boys were all freshly bathed and I was tucking the older ones into their beds (they share a room), and singing songs as I do every night.  Split Pea nurses while I sing and then loves to cuddle with Small Fry.  I figured this photo was the best part of my very challenging Monday. 

I feel like in the not-too-distant future that the Monkey will move into his own room and Small Fry and Split Pea will share a room.  They're growing really close these days and I LOVE to see how Small Fry is as a big brother. 

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