Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project 366 - Day 10

I guess sort of continuing on the topic of Split Pea's condition is today's photo.  It's funny, because really we don't think about it all that much.  He gets an oral med in the morning and his routine at night, but unless he's sick (fever or vomiting), I don't think about it.  I carry a bag of emergency injectables (steroids and glucagon) at all times, but nothing out of the ordinary.

We have to keep his growth hormone and steroids refrigerated, and happen to have a mini-fridge in our bedroom.  Slowly all of his meds have migrated to our room (from his changing table), and so I finally got some boxes to organize everything.  The bottom bin is rarely-used cough medicines, motrin and ibuprofen.  I recently got caught with NO meds in the house when Small Fry got sick, so I stocked up at Target (where I got carded and realized I was buying a lot of medication!). 

And the top bin is the stuff I use every day.  Sharps container, alcohol pads, blood sugar testing stuff (need to pick up more needles and test strips!), extra needles for the growth hormone and syringes. 

I definitely love being more organized!

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