Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I'm out of things to say!

Ha ha...I keep thinking that I need to write a new blog post, but I just have nothing interesting going on in my life. It's busy, just boring.

We spent Sunday cleaning, mopping the floors, since Adin kept picking up random "things" (i.e. uncooked macaroni, old pieces of fruit, etc.) and putting them in his mouth. It's not like the house is dirty, it's just that the kitchen floor can get a little ewey when you have a kiddo around. So, we cleaned...very exciting, then we watched some football and ate steak...very us.

I made food tonight, yummy stuff...a roasted turkey breast with sweet potatoes (my favorite), and a new meal for Adin...pasta with cheese sauce and broccoli. He loved it, and fed it to himself. He's pretty much off baby food now and even had a cup of milk with dinner last night. (he's getting so big!) It was fun to cook, it's been a while...I baked a lot of stuff over the holidays, I just didn't spend much time cooking. (There is a difference - I swear!)

Well, guess I did have stuff to say...even if it is boring. I'll have to think of something more interesting for next time, but my brain is being withered away while I'm watching tv with hubby (WWE Raw is doing a wrestling match with a fake Rosie O'Donnell and fake Donald Trump - it's slightly embarassing that hubby still watches this - but I guess we all have our guilty pleasures!)

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