Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The big ONE is approaching!

It's making me kind of sad, the little man will be one year old in just 5 short weeks. Oh my gosh - FIVE WEEKS! I just can't believe how fast it really has gone...he's like this person now, that can do whatever he wants, he's independent, has likes and dislikes, his own personality...and I'm responsible for taking care of him!

Infancy was cake, it was mostly me controlling things. But as he gets older I feel less and less in control...and sad that he's getting bigger. I'm proud of him and enjoying the growing process, don't get me wrong. I'm just sad that this first year is almost over. (Getting teary writing this).

I'm going to be a big dork and throw him a big birthday bash - but it's my first baby, his first birthday - I get to have a big party for him if I want (and of course if hubby wants too...haha!)

I think people think I'm a little nuts, but with the combination of the little man turning into, well, a little man, and the baby fever hitting like I'm in the epicenter of a hot-zone, it's like babies are on my mind 24/7! Then reality, the lack of money, among other things, smacks me upside the head and reminds me to enjoy the MOMENT! (Something I'm not so great at).

Well...I guess I'm going to have to enjoy this "growing older" thing, because science hasn't figured out how to make it stop, and I don't think Botox will make a difference...lol.

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Anonymous said...

You'll NEVER have quite enough money to raise lots of babies--that's why you just have to get it done now. Raising a family with little money will allow you to look back 20 years from now and say "Oooh, we were so cute! We used to get by on a pay-per-view movie and home-made pizza for a FUN Friday night!" :) It's worth it...you'll appreciate it later when you're all financially set. So, GET BUSY! I need another nephew (or neice!)