Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Split Pea's Babysitter

I often get asked how the Monkey and Small Fry like their new brother. 

Small Fry LOVES his brother, but he's not as into taking care of him.  He's 2 1/2 (almost 3!), and a little rough with him.  He loves giving kisses and keeping his binky in, and "bouncing" the bouncer for him too. 

The Monkey on the other hand, is a natural.  He wants to hold Split Pea, feed him (I've got quite a story to offer about that incident), rock him, sing to him, carry him, etc.  We have to set boundaries for safety reasons (as in "PLEASE do NOT take your brother off the bed and bring him to me!), but they get in plenty of cuddle time.

Yesterday, Monkey thought it would be fun to sing some songs to his little brother.  It's a silly video, complete with some 4-year-old humor.  Enjoy!

(Oh and I apologize for the fact that the Monkey was being more like a chipmunk and storing some fruit snacks in his cheeks the whole video!)

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