Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things I love.

There are a lot of message boards I'm on, and I always seem to be trying something new or excited about some new item. As someone wrote on one of these boards today, "I'm a shiny and new junkie".

I'm also on the computer a lot, and I've found a few things that make my computer life SO much easier. Thought I'd do a procrastinating sort of post to mention these things (I've got about 1300 photos to edit and upload).

1) Firefox. Hands down, one of my favorite browsers around. I can't stand Internet Explorer (IE), and downloaded Firefox about a year ago. I won't change. Tabbed navigation panes (instead of a bunch of open windows), as well as easy to install features and lots less tendency to virus or crash. Download it for free at I promise you won't regret it.

2) Google Reader. I'm a blog junkie. I love reading about others' lives, seeing what's new and featured in Etsy, seeing the latest custom order requests on Etsy, etc. And Google Reader lets you easily combine everything into one neat and easy to read window. Basically you go to and it's like email divided into folders. Your blogs are the folders and those with new posts (like a new email) are bold. Click on each "folder" and you get to read the new posts. You can easily click directly to the blog or page you're reading too. I have at least 20 blogs/pages subscribed on there right now and it lets me get all my reading done in one day.

3) TwitterFox. A plug-in for Firefox that easily allows you to update Twitter. I'm gonna thank my lady cupcake_ninja for this one ;)

4) Picasa. Google's picture application. Download this and easily import, simple edits and organize all your pictures. Gives me easy access to the literally 5000+ pictures on my computer.

Okay, today that's it. I need to get pics from June uploaded. Then it's just July, August and September (and Father's Day and the DNC) - thanks to Picasa, everything is nicely organized ;)

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