Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Making Diapers!

I've been so busy with stuff for my shop lately, but trying to take a brain break to do some other projects. Sooo, I decided to make some cloth diapers for the boys. A while back I made some AIOs (All-in-ones). I liked them, but they take so long to dry and I decided they just wouldn't be practical for us.

I adapted a bunch of patterns, used diapers I had on hand and made up my own pocket diaper! I love, love, love how they're turning out. I found some colored fleece, so the inside isn't boring white anymore, and I've been able to create some cute combos with the fleece, PUL, and threads. I may venture into using snaps soon, but for now, they're all velcro closures.

I can't wait to make more when I get back from vacation. I've even got some ideas on some new versions of a sock monkey diaper cover.

The first pocket diaper I made (there are flaws, trust me ;))
It's a sage green color with a butter colored fleece lining.

The pocket opening.

The inside of the diaper. I even stitched around the leg elastic to create gussets.

Summer Diaper - A teal-ish, sky blue outer with a green grass fleece inside:

A peek inside:

A view of the green fleece
(green is by far my favorite color - I even made Small Fry a pair of fleece pants out of this color)

And my favorite - a teal-ish sky blue outer with a chocolate brown fleece inside:

A peek inside:
A full-view of the outside:

Close-up of contrasting stitching:

And I couldn't leave out my little model (this size also fits my 2 1/2 year old!)

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