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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday Small Fry!

Just 6 short months ago, it was a cold, sunny day, and I was waiting eagerly by the phone to get the call that they had room for me at the hospital. Turns out at about 4:30 pm, they called and asked if we still wanted to come in. Um, YES! So, we headed in and got the induction started about 7:30pm. Our little Small Fry was born at 10:50 pm on January 31st, weighing 6 lb., 6 oz. Turns out we were part of a record number of births in one day at the hospital.

And six months later, here we are. It's been an extremely busy and full half-year, not only with our immediate family, but with our extended family as well. I'm just so happy to be surrounded by so much love, support, caring and kindness, and I feel beyond blessed to have such a wonderful life.

As far as Small Fry goes, he's absolutely AMAZING. He is still a little cranky, but he's the only one who can't run, jump, and eat regular food - I'd be pissed too.

He is sitting up, eating every toy (and non-toy) he can find, eating oatmeal cereal and some baby food and even crawling. Yes, that's right, he's crawling - he's mobile. It's a whole new world when your second child becomes mobile. The first time around, there definitely wasn't as much for the Monkey to get in to, because there was no toddler to constantly be making a mess. I've found Small Fry gnawing on old sippy cups, train tracks, trains, toy cars, books, and the occasional baby approved teething toy. I definitely get it how second and subsequent kids are totally different than your first.

I don't have any weight or height stats today, he goes for his appointment tomorrow, so I'll update with those later. We're thick in the joy of cloth diapering, and for as crazy as my sister thinks I am, it really is so cool, and I wish I'd started when the Monkey was little. But, we're doing it now, and I'm enjoying time in the studio making all things diaper related (that is, when it's not 100 degrees in there!)

The brothers :)

"Look at that cute tongue!!"

"Check me out - I'm going to crawl!"

"Yup, I'm crawling. And I'm HAPPY about it too!"

"It's 100 degrees, so I'm relaxing pool-side in the shade."


Katrina said...

I can't believe 6 months have passed already and that he is sitting up and crawling already. Go Small Fry and watch out mama! ;)Love the pics, he is such a doll. Hope to see you guys soon.

Ashley said...

Happy 1/2 bday small fry! Lucky for you, you get to wait a few weeks to get those ouchy shots...thank you mom for letting you wait just a little longer ;)