Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cloth Diapering - Day 1

So, the diapers got here Friday night and I got them in the wash as soon as I could. It's so different than "back in the day", so many cool materials and colors to work with, no wet storage, no diaper service, and a lot easier (at least I'm assuming).

I got them all washed, and hung the covers to dry. (They're actually "pocket" diapers, and you stuff the insert into the pocket of the diaper). I washed and dried the inserts a few times to increase the absorbency.

Got everything stuffed back together and went to sleep anxiously awaiting the morning when the boys would wake up and I'd need to change their diaper and get to put on a cloth diaper!

We changed the boys and headed out to my father-in-law's (grandpop's) house to swim at his neighborhood pool. When we got to his house, Small Fry had a wet diaper, but the Monkey's was still dry. It was totally a funny thing, but hubby and I were kind of excited that we'd had our first dirty cloth diaper.

After the pool we had another dirty diaper, not pretty, but the cloth diaper did the job. A few more dirties during the day, and I thought I'd wash them up. I actually enjoy doing laundry, so it was fun. I'm so glad that I was properly armed with all the information (I'm the girl that reads manuals to make sure I'm doing everything right).

I stuffed two inserts into each of the boys' diapers tonight so they won't (hopefully) leak during the night. They looked so cute all freshly sunned, bathed, and ready to go to bed.


Katie said...

such cute pics of your boys! Is that a small on R? I have not used the newest version of Fuzzi Bunz, but your photos make me want to. I'm so happy you are loving cloth diapering so far, isn't it funny how you kinda enjoy washing them?!?! no one ever believes me about that (especially since I HATE laundry) same with being excited when it's time to change a diaper... I don't remember that when using sposies :-)

i hope they hold up well overnight, if not you might add another insert or try hemp. That's what we do for our supersoaker.

Mama said...

Katie - Yup, he's in a small and the monkey is in a medium. I think Small Fry will definitely be in the smalls for a while.

I was so excited to wash them and happy that my washer does all the cycles automatically (like a pre-soak and a 2nd rinse).

Neither kid is a heavy wetter, so I'm not too worried, but 'sposies hold so much so it may be a problem I didn't know about, lol!