Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wow! It's been a while!

So, last year about this time, I thought I'd start a blog because I was bored being cooped up inside during the massive blizzards...

...that was a great idea, as with most things though, I ended up slacking in keeping up with it all!

Well, I'm back.

Mostly because I'm going to be using this blog to post about the joys (and not-so-joys) of the new baby. Baby Boy #2 is due ANY.DAY.NOW. (Can you tell I'm getting impatient????) Hubby and I are super excited to bring a new little one into our house, we're preparing the little monkey as best we can, but I doubt he understands the gravity of it all, until the screaming bundle of spit-up comes into the house.

So, I'm here, twiddling my thumbs, ready as i can be, over analyzing every twinge and symptom and driving everyone else crazy too!

I plan to have the computer at the hospital with me (it is, after all, my right hand...don't know what I'd do being disconnected from the wireless world for 24 hours!), so as soon as Baby #2 (name will be announced) makes his arrival, someone will make a post - complete with pictures - as in this day of instant gratification, it's always nice to be able to see pictures ASAP.

I'll be back, and hopefully next time it'll be with a fourth family member (and lots less grouchiness and stress).

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