Thursday, April 19, 2007

Well, I guess I got ahead of myself...

I was so excited to start my Etsy shop, and I have literally been buried in my sewing room from the time I get home until the wee hours of the morning...and I'm so proud of my stuff...but no luck :(

Okay, okay, I've only been live for 8 days, but still, I was so sure it would be a great place to showcase what I think is really great stuff. I get discouraged when I am doing searches and stuff on the site and see so many other vendors that have adorable baby stuff. And, they have lots of sales.

I guess I was just expecting it to happen fast. I feel like I've learned a lot, even in only 8 days. I've learned to write better descriptions, better titles, taking better pictures, etc., so I guess I shouldn't get so down. I'm just seriously neglecting other important tasks to go make baby stuff. I'm having so much fun making all the stuff I guess that's another good thing.

I have said though, and putting it in writing will help, that I will finish painting the hallway on Saturday. It's 90% painted, but we've been living with a taped-off area for waay too long. And I want to hang up pictures again and get the paint cans out of the hallway.

I guess the next task is to tackle the organization of the loft. The 5 boxes of papers have got to be organized. I've been putting that off for way too long (waaay before Etsy came into play!)

And now it's 1am, and I need to go watch Lost before bed (I turn off all the lights and fast forward through the commercials, it's such a treat!) I guess I have a lot to say tonight (even though I'm not even sure if anyone is reading, lol!), I just keep thinking of more topics, like avoiding paying my bills, little man not walking yet (but sooo close), and other things.

Guess I'll save those topics for another night! :)

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Anonymous said...

be patient. you'll be rich and famous soon :)