Thursday, April 9, 2009


Passover started last night. We had a wonderful seder dinner with hubby's parents. Complete with brisket, latkes, matzoh ball soup, haroset and matzoh, and more...I was stuffed when dinner was over.

(The Monkey trying out some matzoh ball soup - he loved it, and actually did a great job eating it with a spoon!)

Generally the diet for the week is simple (especially pre-kids, when we didn't have to worry about feeding others). It was mostly this:
But that gets boring really quickly, and once the seder leftovers are gone and you're on your 5th day of peanut butter and honey sandwiches or cream cheese and matzoh, you're looking in the cupboards for something that you can eat that won't riddle you with guilt for breaking the Passover rules. Especially when it comes to curing our sweet tooth.

I was inspired last year, and made the most wonderful (and easy) dessert...Matzoh Buttercrunch. Very simply, it is matzoh, brown sugar and butter topped with chocolate. Hubby and his dad devoured it last year, so I made a double batch and kept some and sent my father-in-law home with a batch as well.

(It is an old Cooking Light recipe!)
I decided to try something new this year as well and made brownies! I picked up some tasty looking cake meal, and with the help of a lot of eggs, a lot of sugar, and a lot of oil, the brownies were quick, easy, and kosher for Passover!

(The Monkey was smelling them and reported they smelled, "Delicious!")

They looked really good, and actually tasted really good too! I gave some to Small Fry, and he LOVED them. When I wouldn't give him anymore, he threw a classic-1-year-old temper tantrum, complete with high-pitched screaming!

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VivC said...

I love the way he sat by the oven waiting!