Friday, April 10, 2009

A New Lunch Bag - Opinions Please!

For a long while I've been thinking about making reusable lunch bags, and lately have started to get some requests for them. I want to make something fairly simple, but practical, and of course, cute!

So, I've come up with this bag:

It is approximately 7" wide x 11" high x 4" deep, a perfect lunch size.

The tabs you see will have snaps (poly resin snaps), and the snaps will have two points to snap.

First, they will snap here:

And then if you want to fold the top down further, they will snap here:
The bag outside is 100% cotton with a ribbon embellishment, and the inside is lined with a PUL, waterproof laminated knit.

The entire bag is machine washable, lightweight, and oh yah, also comes with a cloth napkin! I'm expecting retail price to be about $18. I also plan to offer a set with matching snack and/or sandwich bags too.

What I'm looking for is opinions! I want to know what you like, what you don't like, what you think the bag needs, what it doesn't need, etc. I want to make a great lunch bag, and that requires hearing from more than the voices in my head (lol!).

So let me hear what you have to say!


Laurie said...

I love it! It looks great for a kid's lunch but would it be big enough for reusable plastic containers most adults use for their lunches? Or will you make it available in bigger sizes as well? I love the idea of making coordinating snack bags plus a napkin.

lar1203 said...

love it! finally a reusable lunch bag on etsy! (and it has a 2-step rise, lol)

joes_love said...

I love the coordinating snack bag and napkin idea, and the demo is gorgeous. if there's any way to add a handle I think that would be awesome.

Amanda said...

Insulated, perhaps, so yoggies and cheese sticks could be kept "fridged" til lunchtime? A handle would be a great idea, too, for easier carrying on a commute with the purse/backpack :) Love the idea of coordinated sandwich/snack bags, too - very fun and practical idea!

Avonlee's Mommy said...

I totally second the comments about the napkin and snack bags and I would say it definately needs a handle.
Great ideas!

carollai said...

i think that's a great idea! but seeing how many sales you currently have to work on, i'm thinking we'll be seeing this in the future! :) but yes... it's a great idea.

Layla said...

Aww, looks lovely!! :)

Not too sure about the PUL myself - maybe need to read up more about it, health-wise..

about refrigiration mentioned, maybe something like 'insulating bag in a bag' could be done?
(I have a pic of something like this at my blog here, it was Mum's idea, great for shopping or carrying around edibles!)
this one is big, shopping-tote-size, not sure if smaller ones just-for-lunch exist!

Kalina said...

I am SO looking for a lunch bag - I second the comments regarding having it be big enough for reusable containers. The biggest problem I have with lunch bags right now is that they don't hold all of my containers - I usually have a sandwich sized one as well as at least 2 smaller ones for fruit/veggies. LOVE the idea of it coming with a reusable napkin as well. Let me know when it comes out!