Thursday, January 15, 2009


I got a new camera in 2007. It is nice, really, really nice. It takes fantastic, high quality photos. And those photos take FOREVER to upload. Like hours. So I got behind in uploading photos. Then Small Fry was born, and I got even more behind.

In what seems like no time at all, it's 13 months after I got my new camera, and I realize I haven't had any photos ordered from the beautiful pictures I took. So I made a mission a few weeks ago to get 'er done.

I ordered photos last week - 2031 photos to be exact. Shipped in two boxes weighing a total of 16 lbs. Now I need MANY photo albums. But at least I can fill empty frames and actually have pictures of Small Fry hung around the house.

Some of my favorite photos:
I made the Small Fry a sweater. But he's cuter than the sweater.

The Monkey LOVES the snow. He could sit in the snow all day long and eat it (but he does know not to eat the yellow snow - he'll tell you that).


Susan said...

His beautiful eyes match the walls!

The Walkers said...

Those are great photos!! So worth the uploading:) Thanks for sharing!