Thursday, January 15, 2009

I know, I know.

I'm neglectful of my poor blog...I know :) I have all the good intentions but I guess that doesn't get you too far when you run out of time.

Lately my days have consisted of being awoken by one of the two little monsters, spending some time waking up while the Monkey watches Thomas the Train or Bob the Builder, and Small Fry plays in what hubby calls "the holder" (it's an exersaucer - keeps him entertained and contained - very helpful contraption).

After I finally muster enough energy to move, the boys get a fresh diaper, clothes for the day and then breakfast for the boys quickly comes next. Some days the boys are lucky enough to get some cereal and cartoons (or even eggs), but mostly it's breakfast on the go. The Monkey loves his Z-Bars (he'll tell you that they're organic), and Small Fry is a fan of waffles, really anything that he can feed himself, but waffles are mostly clean, easy to make, and travel well in the car.

It's often off to pre-school for the Monkey, he loves it, is learning the most amazing things, it blows my mind when he can lead the prayers when we light the candles for Shabbat. He's so cool, and I love dropping him off and picking him up every time from school, full of stories about his day.

When the Monkey is in school, Small Fry and I head to work. He's getting more adventurous and we've decided that our "gated community" must once again be erected (it's gates that keep him in two offices that are essentially baby-proofed. Today I found him under the lunch table like a puppy searching for scraps. I feed him, I swear.

After work and school, it's 35 minutes to home again. Over the next few hours both boys nap, although rarely at the same time. Hubby comes home to take over and I often head to the studio to sew. Of course then comes dinner, play time with the boys, cleaning, bath, bed, and more studio time.

And suddenly I find myself at 2 am again, saying I'd go to bed early, but just not getting everything done. Knowing I will awake no later than 8 am the next day, I finish the essentials and head to bed, thinking of all the things that were once again neglected.

So tonight, I decided the blog needed some TLC, some updates, some photos! Enjoy some updates :)

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