Saturday, August 30, 2008

What a week!

I'll be making some more posts about these events, but in the past seven days, the following has occurred in our family:

Saturday - moved out our queen sized bed (like a headboard, footboard, etc.) to our guestroom, loaded up and drove down a new four-poster bed and mattress from my parents' house, put together the bed, etc.

Sunday - pretty lazy day until we left the grocery store and saw a tornado touching down about 7 miles north of our house!

Monday - The Monkey's pre-school orientation

Tuesday - Channel 7 news came to our house to film a video clip about our upcoming DNC attendance.

Wednesday - The Monkey's first day of pre-school (for the fall).

Thursday - Got a speeding ticket (my first ever). Waited in line for 4 hours to get into Invesco field to hear Barack Obama speak. Then waited 90 minutes to get out and get on the train to go home.

Friday - Spent the day being exhausted, made lots of little errors in everything, was running late all day. Found out the contacts I have specially made for my eyes (read: takes 4-6 weeks to make), we're mis-ordered so it wasn't my fault I can't see out my left eye. Guess I'll have a headache until they get the new ones.

I'm tired.

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Susan said...

What a week! I got tired reading that. I hope you get your contacts figured out! Do you wear torics?