Sunday, August 31, 2008

We were on television!

Well, since we got to attend the DNC (see post below), we were actually repeating history from a century ago. My great-grandfather was a reporter for a small newspaper in Kansas (actually, he owned it), and he traveled about 400 miles by train with my great-grandmother and then 1-year-old grandfather to attend the DNC that was held in Denver in 1908.

My dad wrote a short article about this, and sent it off to some newspaper reporters he knew. My mom took the story and sent it to some television reporters. I was contacted on Tuesday morning before the convention by a local reporter for Channel 7 News (local ABC affiliate). The reporter asked if he could come to our house Tuesday afternoon and interview hubby and me. Miraculously BOTH boys napped at the same time, so that we could do the interview, and then the Monkey woke up right at the end of the interview, so he's on the piece eating snacks (with his bed head ;))

It was super cool, and the piece has aired twice on Channel 7 and once on PBS. Cool!

**To view the story, you need to go to 1:50 in the piece (I couldn't edit out the commercials before the piece)**

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