Saturday, August 8, 2009

Small Fry the Chatterbox

Between me and the Monkey, it's hard to get a word in edgewise in this house. The Monkey actually was a late-talker (you wouldn't know it now!), and we took him to speech therapy at 22-months. They said he was mildly delayed, but it wasn't anything that warranted any worry or further therapy. Something happened around 25 months though, and it was like he grew 10 years overnight. Now, he has the MOST amazing vocabulary and regularly surprises hubby and me with the unbelievable words that come out of his mouth. And the things he knows. It's just amazing.

But this post is about Small Fry. Small Fry knows his stuff. He knows what he wants and how to get it. He knows a good deal of signs, that he's been using since about 10 or 11 months old. Although his favorite word is "THAT!" to request just about anything or everything, he is coming up with new words every day. He's definitely ahead of where the Monkey was at this point. (Not that I'm comparing, but it's the only reference point I have).

And I must add that I'm a super proud mom that both of my boys are voracious readers? I love their love of books, their desire to be read to, their desire to look at every page in a book again, and again. I often find the Monkey fast asleep in bed surrounded by a pile of books. And now the Monkey wants to know what everything says, what each individual word says. Although he reads from right to left, but we'll work on that. At least he knows all his letters and numbers and can speak some Spanish.

But back to Small Fry.

I thought it would be neat to make a list of what words he says now. The list changes, but today I just heard "DADDY! HOME!" and was loving the two-word phrase...a milestone of the speech world. I'm enjoying the changes and growth I'm seeing in him, as I think getting older suits him. He was a cranky baby, I think because he knew the wonderful things that await him with each passing day and each milestone.

So...Small Fry's list of words (at 18-months old, and mind you, these are said in Small Fry speak, so not necessarily as clear as each syllable, but his mom and dad know what he's saying)...
- Mama
- Dada
- Brother
- Kitty
- Doggie
- Hot Dog
- Hot
- Cheese
- Elmo
- Apple
- Peach
- Plum
- Grape
- Blueberry
- Hammer
- Handy Manny
- Done
- Down
- Up
- Cookie
- Home
- Eye
- Poop (an essential to every kiddo's vocabulary)
- Hi
- Bye
- Bubbe (what we call my mother-in-law)
- Off
- On
- Help
- Happy Birthday
- E-I-E-I-O (he tries REALLY hard to sing this when the Monkey is singing)

(He also LOVES to "RAWR" like a dinosaur or monster on every occasion, and he's happy to SCREAM to let you know he's not happy.)

That's a pretty good indication of what we do on a daily basis...EAT. Small Fry sure does love to eat. Cheese and fruit, lol!

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Beth said...

such a smart (and cute) little chatterbox.